Added Value

1. Volume Purchase Agreements. (VPA)

Our volume purchase agreement places rewards directly back into our client’s hands.  Through their commitment of buying from STI, salve our customers not only enjoy this reward. They also enjoy the lower cost vs buying at distributor prices.

2. Disposal of your excess, Faster to market reducing scrap

  • Minimize the negative effect on the bottom line by minimizing inventory write-off
  • Maximize the cash for your inventory
  • Inventory is matched against our customer’s BOM requirements for the maximum exposure (Mix and Match Program)

3. Reduce the expense in managing excess, end-of-life, & obsolete

Reduce your usage of valuable resources in the physical and administrative handling

  1. Repeated cycle counting
  2. Capital storage cost
  3. Depreciation

4. Retrieval verification logistic needs and other interfaces associated with selling the EE&O

  • More focus on inventory reduction
  • Sorting/ID of inventory
  • Storage/inventory control Improve cash flow
  • Improve cash flow


These are only a few of the services that we offer here at STI Certified Electronics. Let us know your situation and our professional international staff will be able to tailor a program that will bring you the best economic return.

Please contact us on any one of these topics.

STI Certified Electronics is ready to start a project for you today!