Line Card

We are authorized distributors for a large and growing number of quality manufacturers and continually add new suppliers to our line card to support our customer’s needs.  If the components you need are hard to find, our Global Sourcing Teams will locate the parts you need from the most reliable suppliers in the industry.

STI Certified Electronics distributes a wide range of electronic components including:

Acoustic Devices, Audio Products, Capacitors, Crystals / Oscillators, Discrete Semiconductors,  FPGA, Integrated Circuits, LED components, Magnets, Memory, Microprocessors, Power Management, Semiconductors

  • Semiconductors. Our product offerings include: Fairchild, Xilinx, Freescale, and Altera.
  • Memory. Our primary manufacturers are Fremont Micro Device, Micron, and Samsung.
  • Storage. Including hard drives (HDD), and Solid State Drive (SSD). Our lines include Western Digital, Intel, and Seagate.
  • Passives. Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Piezo. Our top sellers include: Jauch Quartz, Samxon, X-Con, Kepo,  KOA, Vishay, AVX, and Kemet.


STI Electronics Line Card
A-Crystal Electronic Technology International Rectifier ON Semiconductor
Altera JST Philips Components
AMD Kemet Samsung
Atmel Kepo Electronics Samxon Electrolytic-Capacitors
AVX KOA Seagate
Cypress Lattice Semiconductor ST Microelectronics
Dailight Taiyo Yuden
ELCO Littlefuse TE Connectivity
Fairchild LSI Logic Toshiba
Finisar Corporation Maxim VaOpto-LED’s
Freescale Micron Vishay
Fremont Micro Devices Molex Western Digital
Fujitsu National Semiconductor X-Con Conductive Polymer Capacitors
Hitatchi NEC Electronics Xilinx
Intel Oki Semiconductor Zhen Yang Magnets