Quality is the foundation of our business and we work around the clock to stay ahead of the counterfeiting game. STI’s unique counterfeit detection program starts with the company wide awareness of the problems plaguing the electronics industry.  All STI staff and Inspectors are required to be detective in this process and to collect information in a logical and scientific manner.  

The first and one of the most important processes is to follow our ISO 9001-2008 guidelines for evaluating and qualifying existing and new vendors. It is very important for STI to know that our vendors can support traceability for everything we procure. From our Tier one suppliers we are able to provide traceability back to the manufacturer and in many cases can support a MFG COC. STI Certified Electronics has a systematic QC process that starts with the basics of validating markings and packaging , all the way up to a Key Functional Test that will test out the most important functions as stated in the data sheet of the device.

This is the first part in the counterfeit detection process. We perform detail verification on the following:

  1. 100% traceability using in-house database checks, manufacturer specs, and requesting proper documentation from vendors.
  2. Look for any irregularities in markings, labels, bar codes, etc. .
  3. Keep an in-house library of all shipped product complete with pictures and other manufacturer information.
STI’s highly trained Inspectors use high power laboratory tools for its proprietary, detailed, 30 points visual inspection. Top irregularities we look for are:

  1. Sanding and Black-topping
  2. Remarking
  3. Pulls
  4. Re-Balling
  5. Scratches and other visual defects
Due to the wide variety of semiconductor manufacturers and components they produce; STI deploys a unique electrical test which failure analysis lab concurs high degree of effectiveness. This test is performed as a follow up of our visual inspection when needed. An example of the characteristics we look into are:

  1. Check continuity and shorts on all pins
  2. Make sure input/output and power/ground pins are in right place
  3. Check leakage current of input/output pins
  4. Check basic pin characteristics of linear pins
GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND!! STI Certified Electronics is always committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our customers only receive quality parts. As an industry leader we have developed a KFT program that will allow us to complete a diagnostic evaluation that confirms product functionality and authenticity. To learn more about our KFT process and find out how it can improve the quality of your products please contact our nearest sales office!!



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